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"I was looking for a large painting for a feature wall and I saw Subi’s painting and fell in love with it! I have always loved autumn and orange is my favourite colour so this painting was perfect. I love the way the branches appear to be in shadows but there is light behind the foliage which brightens up the painting. This painting has become the focal point of my house and we have our family photos taken here during celebrations and it has become a part of the family! I’m sure it will continue to provide us with pleasure in the years to come."

Lisz Rachmatiah

"A beautiful array of colours. Makes one feel as if they are walking amidst the beautiful trees. A feeling of tranquility with every gaze on this piece. You feel transported to another place where you walk in serenity, beauty and tranquility. You can literally feel the wind blowing through your face as the sunlight kisses your cheeks on a warm sunny day." .

Eileen Xavier

"Your artwork is truly special. It not only brightens the space and attracts the flow of positive energy but, is a great conversation starter. Each piece has an experience to share. Your amazing technique of blending colours on canvas seamlessly and beautifully to create a dynamic yet, intensely personal piece is simply mind blowing! Congratulations!"

P. Thavaselvi

"Your painting always come to my mind when I want a relaxing, calming thought because of the mixture of soothing colours and the depth it suggests. I can just imagine myself walking at peace enjoying a breath of fresh air."

Faridah Abdullah

"Lovely colours, picturesque and reminds me when life was so much simpler."

Saladdin Yassin

"There are certainly people who are ‘talented’ and there are people who have a natural skill that exceeds ordinary expectation. Subitra is one like that. She is one person who will pick up a brush and will just produce the most incredible art. It’s not only talent that has made her a better artist it is also her persistence, practice, and hard-work that has made her so ."

Shamini Nair

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1 year ago

“Subitra’s work is uplifting. Her gorgeous use of color makes the canvas dance. We are thrilled with our piece!”

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Andrew Smith